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In which I confess my sins – Family History Library fun!
The Family History Library
I feel like a kid that ditched church to go fishing. I was bad. I was VERY bad! Here I am in Salt Lake City, registered for the RootsTech conference, but spent 80% of my time at.....DRUM ROLL please....THE FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The library has been a place I've sought to visit for the last 25 years.  After checking in to my hotel on Wednesday, I made a beeline for the library and oriented myself to the various floors and holdings.  Thankfully, it's very user friendly and organized well.  I made quite a few finds, but most importantly, found a book, written in 1991, on the Westcoat/Wescoat/Westcott/Wescott/Wasgatt family.  There wasn't a ton of new info on my own line, but I did get a few new hints to follow up on.   In addition, I was able to review dozens of rolls of microfilm and books, and have completely overhauled how I'm handling my research log.  (See my post about Excel, Evernote and Roots Magic here.) Back to RootsTech...the sessions I did go to were very good.  I will leave the details to the official bloggers who've done a phenomenal job covering the event.  The energy and amount of interest in genealogy was awesome.  Oh yes...also had to make my purchases in the Exhibit Hall. Here's my loot:
My RootsTech loot
Books on researching, books on writing, and webinars by Thomas MacEntee, Marian Pierre-Louis, and Karen Clifford
I'm hoping to listen to Karen Clifford's webinar, "Organizing For Success" at the airport on my way home tomorrow.  While I may not have had as much time as I'd planned at the conference, my time here in SLC was certainly well spent!

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