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Chronicling America chronicles the Stanwood family
Friday night I continued my search for the Stanwood surname on the Library of Congress' web site, Chronicling America.  What an awesome site!  My great-great grandparents, Albert and Lavina (Bursley) Stanwood, appeared several times in the Princeton Journal - typically when visiting their daughter Georgianna (Stanwood) Cravens.  Here are some of my finds:
Benjamin Stanwood recovers from Typhoid
Albert & Lavina (Bursley) Stanwood visit daughter Georgianna, who is ill
Albert & Lavina (Bursley) Stanwood visit daughter Georgianna, who is ill. This is curious - as Lavina died in 1920, and Albert was residing in Minneapolis at the time.
Albert Stanwood takes A.M. Palon to St. Louis lumbering district
Lavina (Bursley) Stanwood ill
Martha (Bursley) Orrock learns her sister, Lavina (Bursley) Stanwood is ill.
Melvin Stanwood nearly drowns
Albert Stanwood's team drowns in St. Louis river; son Melvin narrowly escapes.

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