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Thank you for a Day family reunion! – great for finding our ancestors, and spectacular for making cousin connections.

Sherece Lamke (right) and I meet at grave of our 5x great grandfather, John Day, at Case Cemetery in Readfield, Maine

On February 2, 2014, I sent a message through to Sherece Lamke, whose family tree contained information on Aaron Day and his wife, Martha.  What ensued after that initial contact was a flurry of emails back and forth, as we joyously exchanged information.  Sherece, who was significantly further along on tracing her Day family lines, generously shared with me the findings of consultants whom she’d paid to help break down brick walls.  Together, over the last 1 1/2 years, we’ve taken that initial research and have solved additional puzzles, having a blast along the way!  I’d hoped that one day we’d get to meet, and that day finally came!  Last Friday Sherece, accompanied by her mother and aunt, met my son and I in the small town of Readfield, Maine, starting off at the  Case Cemetery, where our 5th great grandfather, John Day, is buried.


Sherece's mother and aunt as well as my son, Jeremy, joined in family reunion.

Next, we followed members of the Readfield and Manchester historical societies to the North Manchester Church where John had worshiped with his family.


North Manchester Church where John Day and family worshipped.

church pews

Thanks to the Readfield and Manchester historical societies, we were invited for a tour of the inside of the historic church.

While our day was fabulous, the best was yet to come!


Fifth cousins and descendants of children of Aaron & Martha (Tibbetts) Day: Lauren Mahieu, descendant of Cynthia (Day) Bursley; Nora, descendant of Harriet (Day) Freeman; and Sherece Lamke, descendant of Nathaniel Day

Thanks to Ancestry, I was able to connect with yet another cousin who descended from Aaron and Martha. Earlier in the week Nora Quinn and I had begun exchanging messages through, discussing our shared heritage and comparing research notes. I was delighted to learn that Nora had a copy of a letter penned by Day descendant Lucy Whitten in the mid-19th century, questioning her own heritage and ancestry with another family member. She also found hidden in her home archives a photo of her ancestor, Harriet (Day) Freeman, sister of my 3rd great grandmother, CYNTHIA. I felt like I'd hit the genealogical jackpot! Nora invited me and Sherece over for a visit, and we had a wonderful time sharing our family history - three Day descendants who met all because of!

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  1. Hoping you have sent this directly to I have seen commercials this week they are calling for such stories and certainly thought of your story!! Was the letter you speak of here the one re Jeremiah Day’s highboy?

    1. No, I haven’t sent it to them. But hopefully it will inspire others to consider reaching out to contacts on there! And the letter is not the one written by Helen – it’s written by Lucy. In my excitement I inadvertently left it at Nora’s and she is mailing it to me. 🙂 Will share when I receive.

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