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Seeing double: two lines to my Mayflower ancestors!
My grandmother was proud of her New England heritage. While she didn't know much beyond the names of her maternal grandparents, Albert Stanwood and Lavina Bursley, she had been told growing up that our ancestors came on the Mayflower.
Many years later, after connecting with a Bursley cousin and documenting my descent from John Howland and his wife, Elizabeth Tilly, I was finally able to join the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. Little did I know that someday another connection to John and Elizabeth would emerge - this time through Lavina Bursley's husband, Albert Stanwood. The two were 7th cousins!

One thought on “Seeing double: two lines to my Mayflower ancestors!

  1. It’s all so exciting. I hope Gramer is watching all that you do. She would be so proud of you and just as thrilled as I am. Right now I’m trying to seek out the Norwegian side from my paternal grandma Julia.
    I hope all is well with you two there. My thought are always with you.
    Love Auntie Tootie.

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