Grave obsessions

Comin’ full circle – back to RootsMagic!
My first genealogy software was back in the early 1990s. It was a nothing-day gift from my mom, and as I recall, cost at least a couple hundred dollars. The program was called Roots, and thus began my love of computers - and genealogy database applications!

So it was with CommSoft's Roots II (or was it Roots III?) that I began the data entry of my family's information.  Somewhere along the line in those early years I also used Leister's Reunion, Broderbund's Family Tree Maker, and then ended up using Legacy Family Tree for quite a while shortly after Y2K.  But when I found RootsMagic (it was probably version 3), it was pretty much love at first sight.  I knew I had an application that fit my work flow.  I loved the source and citation forms, but mostly I loved that I could see at a glance what items were sourced, what had media, and so forth.

Then along came my Mac Book Pro in 2013, and I longed for a native Mac app.  I tried Reunion for a few months, but found Family Tree Maker to be a closer match to what I was used to.  Like RootsMagic, I could easily see what was sourced, and also see the attached media.  My favorite feature, however, was the ability to attach media to the source, not just the individual.

Being a tech junkie, when RootsMagic 8 came out and provided the native Mac app, I thought I'd check it out.  I had absolutely NO INTENTION of switching software yet again.  However, "just checking it out" turned into complete awe into what RootsMagic has produced.  It's always been great for the PC user, but now something native for us Mac geeks too! 

So what's so great?

To start with, I love the user interface.  It's clean and easy to navigate.


RootsMagic 8 is very intuitive.  For those that aren't as tech savvy, Bruce Buzbee (the "Roots Magician") is providing hour-long recorded webinars to detail the various features of the application. 

RootsMagic 8 gives two options to view an individual's edit screen:  with and without family events.  And both views shows the person's age at the time of the event, combining what was formerly a timeline view into the edit screen.


Sources, yes...I'm beginning to love 'em!  Switching software means I need to clean up the source citations, and RootsMagic makes it SO EASY.  The source forms are also nice and clean - and logical!  I've missed that!


And as long as I'm cleaning up my citations, I'm categorizing them too!  RootsMagic allows you to select the name of the source, so books start with BOOK: <insert name>, censuses with CENSUS and newspapers with NEWS.


Citations are a breeze, and again, the RM8 forms are easy to use and produce citations according to Elizabeth Shown Mills' Evidence Explained criteria.  AND - this is a big one for me - in RM8 you can attach media to the citations!  That was my "must have" feature, and here it is!


These are just a handful of features that I found to be over-the-top awesome in RM8, and I'm happy to have come full circle - back to RootsMagic!