Grave obsessions

The Stanwood Coat of Arms
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The coat of arms is an oft sought-after element of family historians. Symbolizing the right to bear arms, the coat of arms indicated status and privilege. Rarely are those seen in the United States deemed authentic.
Oh my WORD! Microsoft Word, that is!
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I've had a variety of posts about my workflow and tools that I use to stay organized.  A recent inquiry regarding my post on Ninox databases made it apparent an update was due on my process for tracking research.
Making the case: proof argument for parentage of Lavina (Spencer) Bursley
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Autosomal DNA, town records of Provicetown, Massachusetts, chain migration shed light on Lavina (Spencer) Bursley's family
Women in my tree: great grandmother Annabelle (Boyd) Rogers
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Women seem to fade into the background of our family trees, their lives and stories so quickly forgotten. Researching my father’s family, I recently realized I had asked him very few questions about his beloved grandmother, Annabelle (Boyd) Rogers, who, with Dad’s grandfather Joseph Rogers, raised my Dad and legally adopted him.
Why I love Family Tree Maker 2017
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Choice of genealogy software applications is very individual. This post discusses Family Tree Maker 2017, which was just made stronger with the 2019 release of the application.
Maine’s digital records explode at FamilySearch
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If you were like me and initially stunned and short of breath upon hearing that FAMILYSEARCH was ending microfilm rental on August 31st, take heart! Yes, rental is ending, but it is being replaced with something far better - DIGITAL RECORDS!
Seek and ye shall find….the missing children of Benjamin and Cynthia (Day) Bursley
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With the help of GenealogyBank and digitized newspapers, another mystery is solved!
Nathaniel Lord, the 3rd great grandson of Robert Day
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On 27 November 1742, twenty-eight year old Elizabeth Day (daughter
Harriet Luzetta Day Arithmetic Book
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Another eBay score: the arithmetic book of Harriet Luzetta Day, sister of my third great grandmother!
Veteran’s Day Patriot Pedigree
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My parents met in the Army. Not only was my mother in the military, but each generation of her family has been involved in major conflicts going back to the Revolutionary War. I am proud of my military ancestors who served for our freedom.
Custom smartphone cases carry your ancestors!
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The iPhone 7 was just released. My iPhone 6 Plus is just fine though, although it just had it's second birthday. My case, however, is quite cracked and desperately in need of replacement.
I toppled my self-created brick wall!
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Death certificates can be a great source of information - but this one was quite frustrating to me.