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Awesome autosomal DNA solves the mystery of Martha’s maiden name!
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Autosomal DNA. One of the most powerful tools in the genealogist’s toolbox!
Proving the parentage of Cynthia (Day) Bursley
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This past Saturday I was inducted into the Cooch's Bridge
Using DNA to answer: ARE YOU MY (great great great great grand-) MOTHER?
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In 2010 I took my first autosomal DNA test through autosomal DNA test debunks Native American family legend
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FINALLY! I've been very disappointed in autosomal DNA testing...that is,
Are you have problems with’s DNA portal?
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Are you having issues with Ancestry's DNA portal?  About a
My AncestryDNA match
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When I took the autosomal DNA test, I was autosomal DNA test – Part II
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Family trees are full of mysteries.  The one thing we
My (free) DNA results – a comparison to FamilyTreeDNA
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It seems like an eternity ago I received an email