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3820 37th Ave S – yup, that’s the place!
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Lot 6. Block 6 Lawndale ad[dition] $850. John O. Veland bought this property in 1913, and the Minneapolis Morning Tribune published the transfer of real estate into his possession on the 5th of December.
The Story, the pictures and the facts!
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Stories. My grandmother told many of them.
In memory of James W. Christopherson
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People in our lives have the ability to impact us in big ways we cannot anticipate. For me, James W. Christopherson was one of those people.
Harriet Luzetta Day
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Harriet Luzetta (Day) Freeman (1812-1887/8) was the second daughter born to Aaron and Martha (Tibbetts) Day. The sister of my 2nd great grandmother, Cynthia (Day) Bursley, Harriet had a unique perspective of the family; she was raised by her paternal uncle and aunt, Nathaniel and Sarah Day.
Mrs. means married…..or does it?
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There are challenges when we view history through the lens of modern times. Take the marriage record shown here, for example, in which "Mrs." Sarah Greenleaf weds Benjamin Bradstreet.
Seeing double: two lines to my Mayflower ancestors!
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My grandmother was proud of her New England heritage. While she didn't know much beyond the names of her maternal grandparents, Albert Stanwood and Lavina Bursley, she had been told growing up that our ancestors came on the Mayflower.
Simeon Spencer of Truro and Provincetown, Massachusetts
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Seafaring Simeon, another Revolutionary War patriot, lived on what is now known as Cape Cod. His story comes in part from Gibson's H.M.S. Somerset.
Stanwood homestead
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In 1844, Benjamin Stanwood purchased Lot 25 and the eastern half of Lot 24 in Township No. 2 Indian Purchase, now known as Woodville, Penobscot County, Maine. It is here he was enumerated on the 1850 census with his family. Where was his homestead?
The Stanwood Coat of Arms
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The coat of arms is an oft sought-after element of family historians. Symbolizing the right to bear arms, the coat of arms indicated status and privilege. Rarely are those seen in the United States deemed authentic.
Making the case: proof argument for parentage of Lavina (Spencer) Bursley
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Autosomal DNA, town records of Provicetown, Massachusetts, chain migration shed light on Lavina (Spencer) Bursley's family
Women in my tree: great grandmother Annabelle (Boyd) Rogers
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Women seem to fade into the background of our family trees, their lives and stories so quickly forgotten. Researching my father’s family, I recently realized I had asked him very few questions about his beloved grandmother, Annabelle (Boyd) Rogers, who, with Dad’s grandfather Joseph Rogers, raised my Dad and legally adopted him.
Seek and ye shall find….the missing children of Benjamin and Cynthia (Day) Bursley
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With the help of GenealogyBank and digitized newspapers, another mystery is solved!
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