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Murder and mayhem in my family tree
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My grandmother told me the story of her parents' foray into the restaurant business. it didn't end well!
Seeing double: two lines to my Mayflower ancestors!
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My grandmother was proud of her New England heritage. While she didn't know much beyond the names of her maternal grandparents, Albert Stanwood and Lavina Bursley, she had been told growing up that our ancestors came on the Mayflower.
Stanwood homestead
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In 1844, Benjamin Stanwood purchased Lot 25 and the eastern half of Lot 24 in Township No. 2 Indian Purchase, now known as Woodville, Penobscot County, Maine. It is here he was enumerated on the 1850 census with his family. Where was his homestead?
The Stanwood Coat of Arms
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The coat of arms is an oft sought-after element of family historians. Symbolizing the right to bear arms, the coat of arms indicated status and privilege. Rarely are those seen in the United States deemed authentic.
The Penobscot, Maine Malings
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Can you help William Maling with his family history? Please email him at drumsir at aol dot com if you would like to collaborate!
Bradstreets and Days: From Massachusetts to Minnesota, descendants wed
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Two and a half centuries later, descendants early Ipswich, Massachusetts settlers marry in Minnesota!
Mystery photo – are these Day family women?
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I love old pictures, and love to solve the mysteries
My grandmother’s parents, Ernest Simpson and Susan Stanwood
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In 1917, on a rainy night in Lakefield, Minnesota, my
Cordelia Stanwood, unmarried: a hidden gem in the family tree
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New genealogists often overlook the unmarried folks in their family
Find-A-Grave, more than just graves
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Good stuff starts with Find-A-Grave.  Okay, certainly not all good
Poor Lavina: finding your ancestor’s FICO score in census records
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Benjamin Bursley.  Farmer.  Real estate valued at $600.  Personal estate
Tuesday’s Tip: – You Can’t Live Without It!
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Okay, it might not be as important as food, water,