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Why I love Family Tree Maker 2017
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Choice of genealogy software applications is very individual. This post discusses Family Tree Maker 2017, which was just made stronger with the 2019 release of the application.
Take 1! Take 2! Take 3! Sources….again!!!!
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Take one! Take two! Take three! Yup, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Uh huh, “The third time’s a charm!” But…..I am hoping it doesn’t take me three times to get my sources correct.
My genealogy do-over: switching from RootsMagic to Reunion for Mac
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UPDATE 7 MAY 2016 After spending the better part of a year working with Reunion, I've decided to make yet another switch. I've concluded Reunion is quite limiting for my work flow; I need both the visual ability to see my file in a tree view as well as the spreadsheet view that I loved in RootsMagic.
Curio – the genealogist’s tool for organizing Evernote notes, Word and Excel files & more
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Curio is a great way to organize documents, images, research materials and more. Download from Zengobi's page or get it from the App Store!
If only I woulda…..
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Spending the last few weeks working on a family history
Don’t throw the baby (or the paper) out with the bath water….
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I really enjoy finding stuff. I really hate filing stuff.