Grave obsessions

Custom smartphone cases carry your ancestors!
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The iPhone 7 was just released. My iPhone 6 Plus is just fine though, although it just had it's second birthday. My case, however, is quite cracked and desperately in need of replacement.
The animals of my ancestors
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Could the love of animals be genetic?
Photo books – share your family history (and still be invited to next year’s Thanksgiving dinner!)
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If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to find the balance in conversations with our relatives. While my intent is to have a casual conversation designed inspire and pique their interest in our shared history, I fear they equate me with a religious zealot trying to proselytize them.
Mystery photo – are these Day family women?
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I love old pictures, and love to solve the mysteries
Finding family treasures – better than the lotto!
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I received a box of pictures of and documents from
Mystery people in Grandma Lavina’s photos
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The photograph above was passed down to my in my
Lavina Bursley Stanwood’s Photo Album – Mystery Persons!
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My grandmother was captivated with the photo album she inherited
They once were lost, but now are found….
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Like most genealogists, I love old photographs.  When visiting antique
My photo restorations with
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Everyone has them - old photos you'd love to frame
Why Genealogy? And the pictures that started it all!
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Last night I went to the Family History Center just